Teething isn’t always pleasant, actually it is always unpleasant. Those signs of drooling, rash on chin, gums swelling, sensitivity, irritability, biting, sleep problems.

I’ve been working on some products to help with these unpleasant feelings your baby may have.  We know all baby’s go through this at one time and it can be a long process.

All natural, food grade safe teething rings, rattles, and necklaces are great to keep baby busy while you are talking, praying in church, or just needing to occupy them, keeping them engaged and distracted, along with soothing those gums from new teeth coming in. These are visibly appealing to your child and others. In addition to soothing those gums, it also promotes clutching, hand coordination, and eye contact. Different textures are pleasing to your child, stimulating them while soothing and giving relief.

These are some of the Necklaces and Teething Rings that you can purchase here.