Changing diapers?

Think of your baby or child’s skin.. so soft and gentle.. do you know that it absorbs almost anything you put on it? If you want a healthy baby and child from the start, it’s very important to put all natural products on them. Most baby products are full of all sorts of chemicals.. did you know it takes only 26 seconds for them to get into your blood stream once put on their skin? Natural products are VERY important! Hayden’s Hamper is just that.. 100% all natural products safe for your baby, child, and adults.

Let’s talk diaper cream/ointment.  Why natural diaper cream? Phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or sodium laurel sulfate are synthetic preservatives and are unsafe chemicals that are active ingredients in most commercial baby creams and ointments. Our diaper cream immediately forms a protective barrier on baby’s irritated skin to instantly provide relief to sooth the skin. You can use this as your “regular” cream to help prevent that rash or apply at the first signs of redness.  Apply cream liberally, and as often as necessary to dry skin, with each diaper change, especially at bedtime or anytime when exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.

We use Coconut oil which has antibacterial, anti-fungal properties. It is a wonderful moisturizer, and, according to research, great for atopic dermatitis
Shea butter, moisturizer and nurtures skin.
Beeswax in known for its anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing, hydration affects along with vitamin A which helps to encourage wound healing, helps with itching.
Bentonite Clay has long been prized for its detoxification properties.
Zinc Oxide glides on the skin and creates and impermeable barrier to block moisture.
Calendula oil is a natural antibacterial oil., soothing and great for the skin.



1/4 cup shea butter I like this one.

1/4 cup coconut oil I like this one.

1 Tablespoon beeswax pellets I use this one.

2 Tablespoons Zinc Oxide powder I use this one.

1 Tablespoon Bentonite Clay I use this one.

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil you can get it here.  Why I use this brand.

In a double boiler melt the shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax pellets.  When melted, let cool a bit.

Add the zinc oxide powder and bentonite clay.  Stir until well combined.  Add essential oil and stir until combined.  Store in a container with a lid.

If you’d rather “buy”  it instead of “make” it, click here.