Tag Teething Blankets~

There are so many things, all natural, that is, to help comfort and soothe your baby’s teething issues.  One of the ideas I have here are “Teething Tag Blankets”  They measure 10 x 10, machine washable, and are easy to transport in a diaper bag, car seat when traveling, in the crib, or just to hold and use at home.

Teething Tag Blankets for your baby, with ribbons and ring wooden pendant are a unique, comforting, and soothing, product to use when your baby is teething.  Made with 100% cotton, FDA approved silicone beads, and an unfinished wood ring pendant that is sealed with organic coconut oil.  Safe and Natural is always best!

It’s a great teething toy for your teething baby. They provide soothing relief and comfort when your little one is bothered with those new teeth coming in. What a help it is for mommy too!  In addition, this little blanket is fun for your baby to feel the different textures of the ribbons, develop sensory and motor skills while grabbing and sucking on the ribbon and wooden ring. They are also very colorful to help draw attention, focus, and help distract them.

Teething Tag Blankets and other products for your child can be found in my Etsy shop. Click here to go there~

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