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Colorful, soft, flannel, natural cloths for your baby!  So useful for so many different reasons. Homemade is so much more personal than the commercial store cloths, In addition to supporting the DIY makers who put so much love into what they do.  That’s who I am~


As I stated, there are so many uses for these!! They can be used as a  baby burp pad. As a changing pad, absorbent for those accidents while changing them.  Great to have on hand when traveling. Grab for those spit ups, spills, that can make a mess. This can also be used as a mini blanket for those babies that like to cuddle up to something soft and be secure. Keep with you in your diaper bag, in a door pocket in your car, purse or where ever you will need it. Soft and gentle for protection of baby’s skin.

The designs are limitless…  they measures approximately 11″ x 18″.  You can get them here.

They make a wonderful, unique gift for that mother to be, a shower gift, birthday gift, new baby gift, you will be a hit with these unique beautiful homemade products that can’t be found in stores.

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